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Home > News > Track and Trace and Event Tallies
Home > News > Track and Trace and Event Tallies

Track and Trace and Event Tallies

Published 17:52 on 7 Apr 2021

As the regional lockdown release roadmaps allow, Clubs can open up again and restart their activities.

However, as a sensible precaution against further outbreaks, there is still a requirement to keep track of all visitors to a club and not just those who are actually sailing. 

To support NHS Test & Trace, and similar initiatives in other countries, sailing clubs must maintain a record of all those visiting their premises including club members, their families and friends. 

SailingClubManager includes easy ways to do this for organised activities and ad hoc visits to club premises.

Checking In and Out

The Track and Trace Check In/Out service can be enabled with one click and allows all Members and / or registered Contacts to check in and of the club via their own smartphone or a tablet or computer located on-site.

When Checking In, a Contact is presented with the following options:

  • to check in to any Event they have booked for that is occurring on the day
  • to check in for any Duty they have been rostered for
  • to check in to a pre-booked Slot
  • to check in to record an ad hoc visit to the club

Event Bookings

If you have the Class 2, Club 2 or Club 3 package (or equivalent legacy package) you can add one or more ticket types for each event to enable booking of events. 

Duty Roster

Anyone rostered for a Duty for an event can check in to confirm their that they are on-site and ready to do the duty. This is also a useful way of confirming duties have been done.

Slot Bookings

If you want or need to restrict the number of people on site at anytime, you can set up Slots for pre-booking. You can define slots of different lengths for different days and these can vary from one period to another e.g. Spring, Summer, Winter periods.

Ad Hoc Visits

This is the catchall for any other visits to the club, e.g. boat maintenance, free sailing, meeting friends.

Reports and Tallies

A record of all Check-ins and Check-outs can be viewed in the Track and Trace module under Contacts. Records of check-ins and check-outs for individual events can also be seen under the Tally tab for each events.

See more info here:

Last updated 16:49 on 5 November 2021

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