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Home > News > Restarting Sailing

Restarting Sailing

Published 10:00 on 14 May 2020

Hooray! We can start to get back on the water.

Today we're introducing the Restart Sailing package which is designed to help you get your members back on the water whilst maintaining social distancing. This will be available to all clubs free of charge.

The latest guidance from the government, and the national bodies overseeing our sport and access to the water, emphasises the need to maintain social distancing and do everything possible to prevent the transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

Key factors will be managing the number of people in confined spaces, ensuring you have adequate resources for safety cover, and up to date contact information for communication.

SailingClubManager's Restart Sailing package will give you the following tools to help you manage this process:

1) Book a slot - if you need to restrict the numbers of people at the club at anytime you can ask members to book a slot

2) Check in - if you need or would like to record who is or has been at the club at any time, you can setup a check in via a kiosk or on an individual's mobile device

To support the above you also get a Contact database to securely store all contact details and allow members to quickly and easily book a slot and / or check in.

To assist all clubs in restarting sailing as quickly as possible we are offering the Restart Sailing package to all clubs at no charge for as long as they need it.

Last updated 16:49 on 5 November 2021

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