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Home > Support > Recommended Procedures for Admins > Best Practices - Boats / Berths and Spaces / Berth Allocations
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Home > Support > Recommended Procedures for Admins > Best Practices - Boats / Berths and Spaces / Berth Allocations

Best Practices - Boats / Berths and Spaces / Berth Allocations

Each club / class organization is unique. Best practice recommendations for managing Boats / Berths and Spaces / Berth Allocation records are as follows:

  • Boats 
    • Names should be ideally be unique. If a boat does not have name then you can utilize the following format:  owner last name-class of boat (hull name); e.g., Smith-Sunfish(Aloha)
    • IMPORTANT : Unique names are required when importing boat records via a CSV file
    • Using the name format suggested above also allows the admin to search records across owner name, boat class and/or hull name
    • If needed, include owner first initial; e.g., Smith J-Sunfish(Aloha)
    • Not all boats have a hull name; hull name is optional in the above recommended name format
    • Create Relationships for: Owner, Co-owner, Crew, Club owned, Charter, etc., as needed; allows the boat to show up in the drop down box with Booking a regatta / event
  • Berths and Spaces
    • Create Groups; e.g., Keelboat A Dock, Keelboat B Dock, Dry Storage A, Dry Storage B, Opti, etc.
    • Create Berths and Spaces that incorporate the Group name; e.g., KBA-01, KBA-02, KBA-03, KBB-01, KBB-02, DSA-01, DSA-02, Opti-01, Opti-02, Opti-03, WLKB-01, WLKB-02, WLDS-01, WLDS-02, etc.
    • For wait listed boats, use the boat description and/or internal notes fields to indicate prioritization order per your club's policies
    • Add as many prices as needed to the berth / space to account for all possibilities, regardless of whether your club charges by the berth / space or by the boat; an admin can select the appropriate price at the time of berth allocation
  • Berth Allocations
    • Berth Allocations are charged to the primary Contact of the Boat
    • At many clubs, members tend to keep the same berth / space allocations from year to year
    • Some clubs have the Treasurer and/or Assistant Treasurer do the renewal process, with no member confirmations...suggest using Request for Payments, rather than Invoices, when there are no member confirmations

The above are recommended best practices.  Your club / class organization may have different policies and/or practices.

Last updated 16:35 on 6 July 2024

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