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Home > Knowledge Base > Boats > Boats, Classes, Fleets

Boats, Classes, Fleets

The Boats module is where you record the details of all boats that are stored or used at your club. This includes Boats that are entered for Open Events. All Boats should be linked to at least one Contact. If the Boat is linked to more than one Contact then one of the Contacts should be the Primary Contact who will be responsible for billing.

The Boats module consists of 3 sections:

Boats - this is where you record the details of each Boat that is stored or used at the Club. When adding you can choose a Class / Design from your favourites or from the Design Library. You can also choose which Fleets to include the Boat in.

Classes & Designs - this page shows you all the classes and designs of the Boats registered at your club. These are ordered by popularity. Use the Add/Remove buttons to curate the favourite Classes and Designs for your club. The 'favourites' selection will be used to automatically generate a drop down menu for selecting a design when editing a boat. This will populate useful data about Boats at your club (e.g. dimensions and ratings).

Fleets - you can define your own Class divisions / Fleets. These can cover multiple classes and designs (e.g. Fast Handicap, Slow Handicap) or One Design fleets (e.g. Optimist). You can select Classes & Designs to be automatically associated with a Class.

Design Library - SCM maintains a growing database of common and popular boat designs/classes with as much standard data as we can find (you are welcome to contribute to this library).

Last updated 15:06 on 9 February 2024

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