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Home > Knowledge Base > Website - Configuration and Content
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Home > Knowledge Base > Website - Configuration and Content

Website - Configuration and Content

Managing your website and content

Your club website is managed using the Configure and Content sections.

Content is where you add and manage the pages and the text and images displayed within each page template.

Configure is where you manage the 'look and feel's your website.

Your website includes several default sections:



Book Online





Member Portal

and you can add additional sections using your own Content

You can disable sections that you don't want via the Configure page.

You can add additional sections or pages to the menu bar by checking the 'Display on website' checkbox in the advanced section when editing a piece of content.

  • Doing this for a folder will show all the content it contains including nested folders. Items will in the folder will have links created within the sub menu.
  • Doing this for a normal piece of Content will add it alone to the nav menu.

Disabling and reordering sections

You can disable sections and reorder the menu items in the 'Menus' section of the Configure page.

  • Tick the boxes next to the sections you would like to turn off.
  • Drag and Drop the boxes with the top level menu names in them to reorder.
  • Click 'Save' at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

NB - Behaviour of Footer Menu

We are going to change this in the new year but currently the footer columns are based on the order of the Content folders in the Content section.

Members Area / Members Only

By default the content of a folder called Members Only (at the top level within Content) will be displayed in the Members Portal to logged in Active Members only.

Any content you want to restrict to Members Only within the rest of the site will only appear when Members are logged in (provided you set the appropriate Privacy settings for each piece of Content).

Last updated 15:06 on 9 February 2024

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