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Home > Knowledge Base > On-line Renewals
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Home > Knowledge Base > On-line Renewals

On-line Renewals

If you are using the SCM member portal, either as part of your full website or as a standalone site running under a subdomain, you can enable on-line renewals for:

  • Membership
  • Berth allocations
  • Resource allocations

You can enable any or all of these.

Renewals for each can be processed at the same time or at different times.

You can set a renewal window starting before expiry and extending beyond expiry during which renewals can be made. Outside of the defined window, renewals will need to be processed by an admin.

You can enable on-line renewals for each of the above modules in the Settings section.

There are 3 options in each case:

Upon confirmation:

  • Do nothing
  • Perform renewal
  • Perform renewal and generate invoice

On the renewal page, a list of items which can be renewed is presented and each one of these can be confirmed individually.

The list may will include any memberships, berth allocations and resource allocations for the individual who is logged in and any other Contacts for whom they pay the invoices.

(This means that only the person paying the bills can confirm and approve renewals).

If you select the 'Perform renewal and generate invoice' option, then when the 'Renew Selected Items' button is clicked, each item will be renewed, an invoice will be created and this will be displayed with links to any on-line payment gateways that you have enabled.

If the payment is not completed for any reason the Invoice will remain unpaid and reminders to pay will be sent according to the reminder schedule you have setup.

Last updated 17:16 on 6 July 2024

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