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Home > Knowledge Base > Contacts > Track & Trace > Records


This page lists all access events. An access event is a 'check in' to or 'check out' from the club premises.

There are 2 ways that your members or other contacts can check-in to and check-out of your premises:

- Using a personal smartphone

- Using a dedicated kiosk on site

You can enable either or both of these options. Check-ins and check-outs can be enabled for existing Contacts / Members who have login enabled. These people can also check-in guests.

1) Using a smartphone to login

You can enable login via the club website on a smartphone.

To do this:
a) go to Website > Configure > Homepage
b) check the box for 'Enable mobile friendly quick action buttons.'
c) optionally disable any of the other options you don't want to show

You should now see a 'Check-in' button on the home page of the website when viewing on a smartphone

When you click this you will be presented with the option to check-in just yourself or yourself and one or more related contacts or guests. 
(Please note that you will be prompted to login first if you are not already).

2) Using a kiosk to check-in

You can setup a tablet or desktop computer to use for check-ins (and for event bookings).

To do this:
a) Go to Settings > Track and Trace > Setup. Enter a username and password for the kiosk interface (this is entered just once when setting up the kiosk and should not be shared with members). 
b) Open a browser on your tablet or desktop computer and enter the url of you admin site followed by /kiosk-booking e.g. (please logout of the admin site first of you are doing this on the same device).

A member can then start typing their name and select from the drop down list.

Once they have identified themselves they can click the check-in button.

Checking Out

If you have checked in via either of the above methods, the next time you go to the website or kiosk you will be presented with a check-out option only.

If you do not check-out, you will be assumed to have checked out at the end of the day.

Last updated 17:54 on 24 November 2021

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