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Home > Knowledge Base > Boats > Boats, Classes, Fleets > Boats > Adding a boat

Adding a boat

Adding a Boat

In the boats section select the “Add Boat" button.

A boat's details can be entered in the 5 sections list below – the more information the better.


Name, Sail number, Colour are the main ways a boat can be identified on an off the water. Every boat needs to have a name. You can enter the Sail no in Name as well if no name or enter some other descriptive name such as the surname of the owner and they type of boat e.g. 'Jones Laser'.

The contact can be found by entering a part of their name. The available relationships will be in the list and may be selected.

When you start typing the name of the Class / Design, a search is done of the Design Library. Matching designs appear in a drop down list from which you can select. If no matching design is found then you can use the name you have typed in.


The information in the Location section is optional. This is useful if you a boat is 'advertising' for crew.

Design Details

Some of this information will be automatically completed if you select a design from the drop down list in the General section.

Boat dimensions are required if you charge for berth allocations based on boat dimensions and / or if you want to ensure boats are only allocated berths of an appropriate size.


You can enter all appropriate handicap ratings. These are used for Results calculations.


A selection of extra fields that can be used if required.

There is a 6th section for Extended fields. This is used if you have defined additional files for extra information.

Once the details are entered the Boat can be saved.

The boats list will show all the boats on the system.

Last updated 17:54 on 24 November 2021

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