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Batch Create

Batch create is typically utilized on an annual basis to pull together the contact/membership records with the boats, berths/spaces and allocations data, generating the file needed to create the invoices for annual dues and fees

Uninvoiced items are a result of the Batch Create process, after comparison with the list of records that have already been Invoiced.

Invoices are created the following ways:
1.On the Batch create screen:

   Clicking Invoice on the right-hand side for each individual Member (Contact)

   Clicking the boxes for the desired records, then clicking  Invoice

   Clicking Select All, then clicking Invoice 

2. On the Uninvoiced Items screen:

    Clicking Create Invoice for each individual member

3. Manually clicking + Invoice in the upper right-hand corner of the Invoices screen

4. On the Invoices screen, select the desired records, select Mark as invoiced and click Go

Last updated 12:55 on 20 February 2021

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