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Home > Knowledge Base > Events > Bookables > Configuring Bookable Events
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Home > Knowledge Base > Events > Bookables > Configuring Bookable Events

Configuring Bookable Events

Step 1 - Add the Events

If the course is recurring or spread over a number of non-contiguous days you will need to create a Group first.

Adding a Group

a) Go to Calendar and click the '+ Group' button.

b) Enter the Group name e.g. Adult Sailing Level 1

c) Enter a description (optional - but best if the same description applies to all event in the group)

d) Enter location name and / or map location (optional)

e) Enter url of third party website (optional)

f) Set visibility (public is best option for events that will be bookable by non-members)

You can ignore the 'Slug' field.

Adding an Event

a) Go to Calendar and click the '+ Event' button

b) Enter the Event name (please note that if the Event is part of a Group the Group name will appear in front of the Event name when displayed)

c) Set visibility (public is best option for events that will be bookable by non-members)

d) Enter Group name - start typing and select from drop down list (optional)

d) Enter dates (you can set start and end times by unticking 'All day' check box)

e) Set owner (defaults to admin user who is entering the event)

f) Enter further information )any information entered here will override the equivalent info added to the Group of which this is a part (if a group is set)

Step 2 - Make it Bookable

Tickets make Calendar events into bookable events.

When a single calendar has one or more tickets the event is bookable.

When a group has one or more tickets the group events become bookable as one package.

Adding a Bookable

a) Go to Bookables and click 'Add event' button

b) Start typing the name of the Group or Event that you want to make bookable in the second box and then select from the drop down list that appears.

c) Check the 'Grouped events are bookable' check box if each event in the group is bookable separately. Leave it unchecked if the group of events is to be booked as a whole e.g. a course taking place over 3 weekends

d) Enter a ticket limit for the event (optional)

e) Enter a soft ticket limit (optional)

f) Set access (choose 'Anyone' for events that are open to non-members

The Clone tickets option is useful if you are copying a bookable which has the same basic ticket types and prices.

g) Click 'Create Bookable'

Adding ticket types

Each bookable needs at least one ticket type

a) Go to Ticket Types sub section of Bookable

b) Click '+Ticket type' button

c) Enter ticket type name (e.g. Course fee)

d) Select type (use normal for any ticket types requiring payment at time of booking)

e) Enter price in your selected currency (enter numbers and decimal point only)

f) Enter early and late prices (optional)

g) Enter non-member pricing if appropriate

h) Add a description of what you get with this ticket option (optional)

i) Checking the 'Keep bookings private' checkbox will prevent a list of people who have booked being displayed on the event page

j) Enter restrictions (optional)

k) Enter requirements by checking appropriate boxes

l) Enter any other information to be displayed on booking page (optional)

m) Enter text to be added to booking confirmation email that is specific to this ticket

n) Upload documents to be attached to booking conflation email

o) Click the 'Save' button

A Series of Events where either the whole Series or individual Events can be booked

To make both the whole series and individual events within bookable you will need to make each event bookable with at least one ticket type and then the Group bookable with corresponding ticket type(s). When you create the ticket type(s) for the Group you need to select the Individual Tickets from the corresponding individual events in the 'This ticket covers..' section.

Last updated 09:31 on 2 December 2022

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