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Home > Knowledge Base > Events > Duty Roster > Overview
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Home > Knowledge Base > Events > Duty Roster > Overview


The Sailing Club Manager Duty Roster works in conjunction with the Calendar and Contacts/Membership modules.

Any event in the Calendar can have Duty Requirements specified.

Each Event can have multiple Duty Requirements.


By default the Duty Roster allows duties to be allocated to or volunteered for by active Members only. If you prefer, you can remove this constraint and allow any Contact to do a duty.

Contacts and Memberships can be imported from other sources via CSV files.

Events and Duties

Duty requirements are associated with Events in the Calendar. Any Event can have one or more Duty Requirements defined.

You can define templates of Duty Requirements so that a set of requirements can be quickly added to an Event.

You can also duplicate or clone events so that they have the same requirements but for a different date and / or event name.

Events and Duty Requirements can be created and managed on-line, but you can also import via a CSV file.

Contacts/Members and Duties

Members of your club or association can be allocated Duties and/or they can be invited to volunteer for Duties via the member portal. Every SCM account includes a Website with Member Portal. Each Contact/Member can be issued with a unique login.

Last updated 15:06 on 9 February 2024

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