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Home > Knowledge Base > Comms > Polling


The Polling module can be used to create on-line Votes, Polls, Surveys and Quizzes.

You can define who can access and respond to each and define date ranges for them to be completed.

You can create a Poll, Vote, Survey or Quiz.

Vote - typically means that an action will be taken as a result of the preference shown in the vote. 
Poll - can be used to get an idea of what the general preference is. No action will be taken, it's just for interest. Usually a single question with multiple choice answers.
Survey - can have more open questions, such as 'what do you think of X?' with a free text answer
Quiz - a series of questions for fun, which could be answered individually rather than as part of one form.

The Polling module can be accessed via the main Comms menu. It appears as a sub menu item of Comms. Selecting this menu item will display the Polling home page.  On this page you can create a new polling group, and view active polls, recently completed polls, upcoming polls, and a summary of results of polls.

There are three steps to setting and using polling:-

  1. Create a poll (Vote, Poll, Survey and Quiz) Give the poll a name, optional description, and configure the basic settings
  2. Add Questions Add the question(s) and response options for the poll 
  3. Responses and Results View the responses and results from polls

Last updated 16:35 on 6 July 2024

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