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Home > Knowledge Base > Comms > Polling > Polling groups
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Home > Knowledge Base > Comms > Polling > Polling groups

Polling groups

A polling group is a collection of one or more questions.

Step 1 is to create a polling group for your required Vote, Poll, Survey or Quiz.

Click the '+ Create' button in the top right of the screen and then complete the sections as described below.

Basic information

Choose the type of polling by selecting the required type a label from the drop down selection in the label field:

  • Vote - means that an action will be taken as a result of the preference shown in the vote. 
  • Poll - to get an idea of what the general preference is. No action will be taken, it's just for interest.
  • Survey - can have more open questions, such as what do you think of X? with a free text answer
  • Quiz - a series of questions, for fun?

Enter a Name and Description to describe what you are creating.


Enter the start and/or end dates (and times). This controls when the poll will be visible to users. You can leave both blank if you want it to remain open.


By ticking this box all questions will appear on a single page and the user will be able to answer all questions and then submit their answers at once.

Unticking this box will present each question on its own page and the user will be required to answer each question and submit their answer one question at a time.


Set any restrictions for who can view and answer the questions. You can restrict by age, membership and tags. If you do not set any restrictions then all contacts, with login enabled, will be able to view and answer the poll.

Last updated 09:31 on 2 December 2022

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