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Duty Types

You can define as many Duty Types as you need.

e.g.: PRO, ARO, Safety Boat Driver etc

Adding a new Duty Type

To add a Duty Type:

1) click the '+ Duty Type' button.

2) enter the name e.g. Race Officer

3) click the 'Create Duty Type' button

You can optionally set one or more Tags per Duty type. Adding tags constrains who can volunteer for or be allocated this Duty Type to only Contacts with at least the same tags.

Updating a Duty Type and Adding Duty specific reminders

To update a Duty Type:

1) click the name of a Duty Type in the list

2) update the name and or associated Tags

3) click the 'Update Duty Type' button

You can optionally define reminders for each Duty type. These will override any global reminders set for all Duty Types.

You will need to have set up one or more Reminder notifications before you add reminders.

Last updated 16:35 on 6 July 2024

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