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Home > Knowledge Base > Settings > General > Nominal Codes
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Home > Knowledge Base > Settings > General > Nominal Codes

Nominal Codes

Things to know before you start

  1. Nominal codes are a minimum of 4 numeric characters (codes of less than 4 characters are padded with leading zeros.  You can enter alpha characters in the nominal code field but they are not saved when the code is saved.
  2. Group names can consist of any Alphanumeric characters as well as special character (i.e. @,*,%, etc)
  3. Nominal codes are assigned to products and services that are charged for, so they can be as granular as we like to enable detailed reports.
  4. Nominal codes can be grouped under a group name for reporting purposes.  e.g.. We might have the following nominal codes grouped under the group name of Training :-

3001 Dinghy Course
3002 Powerboat course
3003 1st Aid Course
3004 Race Officer Course
3005 Other Training Course

The order in which nominal codes should be set up

  1. Define the nominal code structure you wish to use (i.e. 4001, 4002, 3001, 3002, etc, etc)
  2. Define the nominal codes that you require
  3. Define the nominal code groups (if you want to be able to produced grouped reports)
  4. Configure the group names in your account (it is easier to create group names 1st so that as nominal codes are created it is easy to assign them to a group from a drop down list)
  5. Configure the nominal codes in your account

Last updated 15:06 on 9 February 2024

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