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Home > Knowledge Base > Settings > General > Notification Settings
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Home > Knowledge Base > Settings > General > Notification Settings

Notification Settings

To ensure the successful delivery of Mailings and Notifications from your account SailingClubManager uses for sending mails. This service also tracks open and clicks and reports on delivery failures. When you subscribe to a paid account we will provide you with the necessary DNS entries to configure a domain or subdomain for use when sending mails. These settings provide sender verification to show that SCM and Mailgun are authorised to send emails on your behalf.

(Please note that trial accounts use a separate service for sending mails during the trial period).

All mailings and notifications need to have a from and reply-to email address and name.

You can set the defaults here.

When you setup a notification template or create a mailing you can replace the default with emails and names that you want to use in those specific mailings.

Last updated 15:06 on 9 February 2024

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