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Home > Knowledge Base > Settings > Invoicing & Payments > Payment Gateways > GoCardless (Direct Debits)
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Home > Knowledge Base > Settings > Invoicing & Payments > Payment Gateways > GoCardless (Direct Debits)

GoCardless (Direct Debits)

A guide to setting up the integration between SailingClubManager and GoCardless so you can take online payments from your customers.

GoCardless is an online payment service that can be connected with your SailingClubManager account to allow you to take online payments from your members and customers. GoCardless works by taking Direct Debits from your customer's bank account, charging you 1% of the transaction value plus 20p, up to a maximum £4.00. Here's how to set up the GoCardless integration.

Step 1: Add a GoCardless account in Banking

a) Click the 'Banking' menu under Sales.

b) Click 'Add Account' button and create a new account called 'GoCardless' (or a different name of you prefer)

Step 2: Enable GoCardless

a) Click the 'Settings' link at the top-right hand side of the screen.

b) From there, select 'Gateways' in the Invoicing and Payments section

c) Click the 'Add Payment Gateway' button.

d) Select 'GoCardless' from the type dropdown menu.

e) Select the GoCardless account you created from the Bank Account dropdown menu.

f) Click 'Create Gateway' button.

Step 3: Sign in to GoCardless or create your GoCardless Account

Click the 'Configure' button at the end of the GoCardless row or the Payment Gateways list.

If you've never used GoCardless before, you can create a new account here then sign in. If you already have a GoCardless account, simply sign in to connect your GoCardless account to FreeAgent.

Once you've set up the integration you can start inviting your customers to pay you via Direct Debit when you issue invoices. Your customers can authorise a Direct Debit mandate, which will allow you to take monthly recurring payments automatically.

Last updated 17:54 on 24 November 2021

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