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Home > Knowledge Base > Events > Duty Roster > Using Duty Templates
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Home > Knowledge Base > Events > Duty Roster > Using Duty Templates

Using Duty Templates

A template is a set of Duties which can be used to set the standard or typical duty requirements for one or more events in the calendar.

You can create as many duty templates as you like.

The quickest way to create a template is from the Duty Roster page of an existing event. 

a) Go to an event
b) Select the Duty Roster page
c) Enter a name for the template
d) Click the 'Create' button

If you wish, you can include the Contacts who are approved for doing the particular Duties. A template with Contacts can be used to assign a Duty Roster Team to one or more other events.

You can also add and update templates via Duty Roster > Templates.

Use the drop down menu to add a template of duties to an individual event.

A duty template can be added to multiple events as a bulk action via the Events > Calendar list page.

Last updated 15:06 on 9 February 2024

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