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Home > Knowledge Base > GDPR > Preparing Mailing Lists for GDPR
Home > Knowledge Base > GDPR > Preparing Mailing Lists for GDPR

Preparing Mailing Lists for GDPR

In the Contacts module you can create multiple lists. This is useful for segmenting your Contact database into different groups for marketing and communication purposes.

You can choose whether a list is 'public' (i.e. any Contact can choose to subscribe to the list) or 'Internal use only' (which is a private list that Contacts cannot see).

Because, in certain cases, GDPR requires that you obtain an Opt In before you can send communications to a list, you will need to handle this for private lists too. To make this possible, you can create GDPR Groups and add the private lists to these. The Contact then Opt in to the Group.

This is useful if you create multiple lists that have names that make sense to admin users but which might look odd on a mailing subscription page. For example:

Group name : Training News and Updates
Level 2 and under
Level 3 with less experience
Level 3 - keen to start racing

You can also add 'public' lists to Groups if you want to.

Last updated 14:50 on 7 November 2019

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