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Home > Knowledge Base > Membership > Changing a Membership Type
Home > Knowledge Base > Membership > Changing a Membership Type

Changing a Membership Type

There are 2 scenarios where you might wish to change a Membership from one type to another.

1) To correct an error e.g. the membership was renewed to the wrong type or a member informed you they want to change after the renewal was done

If you have already issued an invoice for the membership period that needs changing then you will need to make the invoice draft and remove the item (if a payment has been allocated to the invoice, this will need to removed first).

To correct / change the membership type, click the 'Roll Back' button and then 'Renew' again to the correct Membership Type OR if this is a new Membership and cannot be rolled back, click the 'Options' button and change the Membership Type in the drop down menu.

2) To switch a membership on a specific date rather than on renewal date

Click the 'Options' button and then click the 'Change Type' button on the options page.

Select the new Membership Type to apply from the date of change.

Please note that this will calculate any difference in fees for the membership and create uninvoiced items for processing.

Last updated 14:50 on 7 November 2019

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