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Home > Knowledge Base > Membership > Creating a Membership
Home > Knowledge Base > Membership > Creating a Membership

Creating a Membership

To create a new Membership, first you need to add the person or persons (if it is a joint or family membership) as a Contact.

You can then create the Membership in one of two ways:

1) Via the Contact (recommended)
a) Go to the Contact (choose the primary Contact first if it will be a joint or family membership)
b) Select the Membership submenu under the Contact name
c) Click the 'Assign to new membership' button
d) You will then be taken to a Membership setup form with the Contact already associated.
e) Complete from (see instructions below).

2) Via the Membership module
a) Click the '+ Membership' button
b) You will then be taken to a Membership setup form.
c) You will need to complete this from and then add at least one Contact once the Membership has been created (see further instructions below).

Membership Details

Number : The new Memberships number is automatically added (it is the highest existing membership number plus 1). You can leave this as is or enter a different number. (Please note that to avoid confusion all membership numbers in your club should be unique).
Type : Select the appropriate Membership Type from the drop down menu
Period : This defaults to the current period but you can choose a different period if you need to.
Start date : Enter the date the membership is starting. Leave blank if effective start day is beginning of period. (Used to calculate amount of fee to be charged for first year)
Original membership start date : If you are adding memberships from a legacy system and need to know how long someone has been a member, you can enter the date they originally joined here.
Options : If you do not want or need to Invoice for the membership fee or joining fee for this period, check the appropriate boxes. If this Membership will not be renewed, check the 'Do not renew' box.

Adding Contacts to a Membership

If you used method 1 above to create the membership then you will already have one Contact associated with the Membership. This Contact is now a Member (assuming the Membership is for the current active period).

If you created the membership using method 2 or if you need to add additional Contacts to a family or group membership then follow these instructions:

a) In the text box under the list of Current Members on a Membership start typing the name of the Contact you wish to add (if necessary, add the Contact before doing this step).
b) Click the name of the matching Contact from the drop down list that appears if there are any matches.
c) Click the 'Add' button

When you have more than one Contact on a Membership you can select which is the Primary Contact by clicking the 'Make Primary' button on that Contact's row. The Primary Contact will be Invoiced for the Membership fees and receive communications relating to the membership. The Primary Contact for a membership will also be able to update the contact details of other members on the same membership.

Last updated 14:50 on 7 November 2019

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