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Home > Knowledge Base > Membership > On-line Membership applications
Home > Knowledge Base > Membership > On-line Membership applications

On-line Membership applications

Make it easier for people to join your club with on-line applications available 24/7.

You can configure on-line applications to include an approval process or allow members to apply and pay on-line and become members immediately.

The on-line application involves 3 steps:

1) Login or register - will need to enter name and email address

2) Enter postal address and a telephone number and select a Membership Type

3) Submit application and make payment (if required)

The applicant will receive email notifications to confirm application and approval of membership at each step.

How to enable online applications

Step 1 : Before enabling, since you probably won't want to allow people to choose, for example, Honorary membership, you should select which types of membership are offered as part of the application process. Please follow these step:

a) Go to the Membership Types section in Settings.
b) Edit each of the Membership Types that you would like to offer and check the 'Users are allowed to pick this type when asking to join and become a member' option.
c) You can also select whether a particular Membership requires approval. If no approval required then the membership can be approved automatically when payment is received.

(Please note that if no Membership Types are selected in this way then all types will be offered).

Step 2 : Enable the on-line applications via the website / member portal

a) Go to the Website Configure section and click the Portal link
b) Check the 'New account sign up' box. This allows people to create Contact records and logins.
c) Check the 'Online membership applications' box. This allows Contacts who are not existing Members to make applications.

Last updated 14:50 on 7 November 2019

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